DIY and Home Improvement Resources

The links and resources below offer useful articles, tips and guides for the DIY beginner. If you are thinking of undertaking any home improvement project, it may save you a lot of time and money to consult the resources below.

Tutorials for interior decorating

Decorating your home or place of work can be exciting. You will have many ideas about how you want the final results to work. You may have chosen a colour scheme and bought your wall paper. But the websites below offer a wealth of great ideas for the interior design that you may newer have thought of.

Better Homes and Gardens




Top sites for DIY Tips

Before you start any DIY project, make sure that you have as much information about the project as possible. Professional DIY experts have been working on these problems for many years and have developed tips and tricks to prevent things going wrong. Here are some of the most popular DIY websites that can help you assess the project you wish to undertake.

When you decide to begin working on a DIY project, you need to know what you are up against. These resources will help you decide whether you have the experience and skill to make a good job of it.


Home Doctor

DIY Network

Easy 2 DIY

Best DIY and Home Improvement Books

When you notice something that needs fixing in the home, it is important to have good resources available to offer valuable advice. The following DIY books offer tips and tricks to help you overcome any DIY problem.

Collins Complete DIY Manual
by Albert Jackson

Collins Complete DIY Manual

Farrow & Ball How to Decorate
by Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball How to Decorate

Furniture Makeovers HC
by Barbara Blair

Furniture Makeovers hc

Popular Mechanics How to Fix Anything
by The Editors of Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics How to Fix Anything


Sometimes the best way to learn how to complete a task is by watching an expert at work. These DIY videos offer tips and information from trade experts. Take some time to watch the videos below to understand the basics of DIY.

DIY Projects and Home Repair

How To Renovate A Bathroom

Brilliant And Easy Bathroom Hacks

How To Design A Garden

Decorating Tips for Transforming ANY Space