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Welcome to DIY Home Improvement Tips. Here we will introduce you to the home improvement experts. We want to offer you inspirational ideas for creating the perfect interior design for your home. Our budget DIY tips combined with expert advice from experts in the home improvement trades will ensure that you have the best information available.

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  • Easy to do ideas for bathroom decor
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  • Preventing pipe freeze
  • Effective ways to fence your garden
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  • Decorating ideas for small bathrooms
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  • Install bathroom vanity units with sink
  • Repair a leaking outdoor tap
  • Choosing bathroom trim moulding
  • How to seal air conditioning vent

We have reached out to our friends in the home improvement industry to get expert information to help you to get the most from your home. Do you have a plumbing leak? Or crumbling plaster? Are you apprehensive about putting up wallpaper?

Our industry experts are on hand to offer useful tips and tricks to help you get the most from your home improvements. We hope this will take the stress out of DIY jobs and let you know when it is better to contact a professional.

Our website will be providing useful information about the following building and skilled work:


If you need building work done, you will need to understand the basics of hiring a builder. This information is offered by home improvement experts. You will need to find out about planning permission and regulations involved. If you are thinking about hiring a contractor, read our articles for tips and advice about choosing the right builder.

Painting and decorating

Decorating your home can be challenging but satisfying. You can get excellent results with a little time, effort and planning. Our painting and decorating experts offer tips and advice on painting and wallpaper hanging.


In most instances, you will require a fully trained electrician to work with electrical wiring in your home. Does your home need rewiring? We will offer you the information that you need before hiring an electrician to work in your home.


The type of flooring that you lay in your home can transform the look and feel of your home. We have consulted the flooring professionals that we work with on our interior design projects to create some great tips for you to find the perfect flooring.


Whether you are building a bespoke kitchen or replacing the skirting in your home, you will need a professional joinery expert. The joinery in any interior brings a house to life. It is the finish that adds character to your home.


As a homeowner, you should be prepared for a plumbing emergency. Plumbing can become faulty over time, and when the worst happens, you should know what to do. Our plumbing experts will offer useful information about repairing faulty plumbing and maintaining your heating system.


Are you thinking of updating your bathroom? Or are you considering installing a new wetroom? One of the most effective ways to transform a kitchen or bathroom is with quality tiling. We will share tips and information about how to create beautiful interiors with the right tiles.