Frequently Asked Questions for DIY and Home Improvements

We have spent many years answering the questions of our clients when it comes to DIY. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about DIY and home improvement.


Have I used enough insulation in my attic?
On average an attic space should be insulated to a depth of about 12- 15 inches. This offers effective protection against a changing climate.

How often does my roof need to be replaced?
If a roof is well maintained, it will protect the structure of the house. Most roofs will need to be replaced between 20 and 50 years depending on the material used.

What is the best method for removing wallpaper?
If you can afford a steamer, this will make wallpaper removal easy. A steamer will concentrate steam through a nozzle.

For people on a budget, you can fill a spray bottle with equal amounts of hot water and fabric softener. Spray the solution onto the wallpaper until it is saturated. After a few minutes, it can be peeled off the wall using a putty knife.

Where does heat escape from in my home?
Preventing heat escape in your home will reduce your monthly energy bills. Check around doors, windows and electrical outlets. You will also need to check that heat is not escaping from the basement, attic and chimney.

How long will it take?
Be realistic about how much time you have to dedicate to a DIY project. The longer a job takes to complete, the longer your home will resemble a building site. If you are unsure about how long a task should take, ask the advice of an expert.

Can I add colour to concrete?
Adding colour to concrete can transform the surface. You can apply colour to concrete by using a paint or stain that is approved by your local DIY store. Many paint and stains for concrete will also offer waterproof features.

Is it dangerous to attempt DIY
Before you attempt any DIY project, you need to be confident that it is same to do so. Ask yourself about every possible outcome. Seek advice about taking safety precautions before attempting any home improvement work. Ensure you have the correct protective clothing.

When should I contact an expert?
Low impact home improvements can be successfully completed as a DIY project if you consult expert advice beforehand. Many tasks which appear simple can get out of control if you are inexperienced with DIY. For more complex work, it is advisable to hire a qualified expert. Experienced professionals will be able to anticipate problems and offer a guarantee for the work completed.